Birth Injury

Birth Injury

Birth trauma refers to an injury a child suffers during the labor and delivery process. There are a number of different types of birth injuries that can occur if the doctors and nurses handling the labor and delivery process are not following the proper standard of care (or rules) for the medical care and treatment of their patient. The most serious type of injury the baby can suffer is a brain injury.

For example, the doctors and nurses handling the labor and delivery process may not properly recognize that the fetus is showing signs of distress, registered as an abnormal fetal heart pattern on an electronic fetal monitoring device. If signs of fetal distress exist, the standard of care (or rules) requires that the physicians and nurses take measures to improve or reverse the oxygen starvation which in turn eliminates the baby’s distress. Unfortunately, there are times where the physicians and nurses fail to recognize that the baby is in distress, or they fail to take corrective action in a timely manner. When this happens the baby's brain can be severely and permanently damaged.

There are many other types of birth injuries a baby can sustain if the physicians and nurses caring for the mother and baby are not following the proper standard of care (or rules). As a nurse-attorney, Lynn is uniquely qualified to investigate and handle birth trauma cases which are some of the most complicated medical malpractice cases that exist. Lynn works hard to obtain significant money damage awards for the injured baby and the baby’s family because she wants to assure that the baby can receive the optimal amount of medical care and treatment (including therapy) necessary to give the baby a good quality of life.

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