Lynn Foley Verdicts

Lynn Foley Verdicts

The Verdict is in: You’ll Win with Lynn.

Lynn Foley’s decades of experience handling all types of professional negligence cases has resulted in Lynn winning millions of dollars for her clients. Lynn is uniquely qualified to handle professional negligence claims for you or your child, not only because of her nursing and legal background, but also based on her experience as a woman and mother who can identify with the heartbreak a mother feels when her child is injured.

In a very recent example, Lynn was able to obtain a 9 million-dollar settlement on behalf of a young man who sustained a brain injury while he was an inpatient at a local Detroit Hospital. He experienced internal bleeding from the surgical site, and due to lack of timely measures taken to stop the bleeding, he suffered severe hypotension and shock which resulted in permanent brain damage.

Because of this malpractice, Lynn's client could not walk or talk or feed himself. He was confined to a bed or a wheel chair. With the settlement money, the family was able to provide a lifetime of care for their son including 24-hour care nursing care and physical and occupational therapy, as well as appropriate medical equipment, such as an electric wheel chair and a computer assisted communication device that helps him "talk" with his family and care givers.

Other major wins include:

Surgical injuries:

Lynn represented a young wife and mother who suffered burns to her face during surgery when the oxygen mask she was wearing started on fire. The case was settled pre-suit for just under $2,000,000.

Lynn has recovered millions of dollars for other clients who have suffered unacceptable injuries while undergoing surgery. Some of these injuries include shoulder dislocations, bladder or ureter injures during gynecological procedures, bile duct injuries during laparoscopic gall bladder procedures, and lacerations to an artery or another organ during abdominal surgery. Many times the patient will be told that the injury was a "known risk" of the surgery but Lynn has repeatedly been able to prove that the injuries were not acceptable and that the actions of the surgeon constituted malpractice.

In addition, Lynn has represented clients who suffered injuries during the post-operative period when the hospital nurses, residents or doctors failed to notice post-operative complications of one kind or another. Many times, the complication involved an infection that was not timely diagnosed and treated. In one case, a young woman developed an infection in her uterus following the delivery of her first baby. Because the infection was not timely diagnosed and treated, she lost her uterus which of course deprived her of the ability to have more children. Sometimes the post-op complication can involve excessive swelling and fluid build up in the abdomen or an extremity called compartment syndrome. If the swelling is not properly treated, the circulation to the abdominal organs or the extremity can be severely affected. In one case, Lynn represented a young man who lost his leg because the compartment syndrome in his leg was not timely diagnosed and treated. He required years of rehabilitation, prosthetic fittings and medical care. Lynn was instrumental in obtaining a substantial settlement on his behalf.

Wrongful death cases:

Lynn has also recovered millions of dollars for the families of a loved one who died due to the negligence of a doctor or an nurse. Lynn is extremely sensitive to the pain and suffering a family goes thru as the result of the loss of a loved one whether the loved one is a baby, a child, a spouse or a parent. Lynn works closely with the family members to determine the monetary loss the family may have suffered due to the loss (such as the loss of the decedent's income) as well as the emotional loss involved.

Many of the wrongful death cases Lynn has handled involved the death of a baby at birth or shortly after birth. However, over the years, Lynn has represented families who have lost loved ones of all ages whether the deceased was a young parent, a middle aged parent and grandparent or an elderly individual. These cases are all tragic. Lynn works very closely with the family members to help and comfort them thru the process.

Birth Trauma:

Besides attaining one of the largest verdicts in Michigan for a birth trauma case ($15,500,000) Lynn has recovered millions of dollars for other families who had a child injured at birth due to the negligence of a doctor or nurse. Most of these children end up with very serious and permanent disabilities. The settlement money Lynn attains helps the child live the best life possible by allowing the family to purchase medical equipment, therapy, nursing care and other help.

Brain Injury Cases:

Lynn has handled many types of brain injury cases. Many of these cases involved babies who suffered a brain injury at birth due to oxygen deprivation. These would be classified as a "birth trauma" cases. But brain injuries can occur with adults as well. For example, an adult can suffer a stroke. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or reduced thereby depriving the brain of oxygen which causes the brain cells to die. A stroke may be caused by a blocked artery (ischemic stroke) or by a leaking or bursting of a blood vessel (hemorrhagic stroke). Many times, a patient presents to a hospital with certain "warning signs" of an impending stroke. If the hospital staff does not recognize these warning signs and does not act quickly to properly treat the patient, serious and permanent damage, and even death can result. In one case, a middle aged woman suffered a hemorrhagic stroke at a Flint area hospital because the treating ER refused to even take her back for an examination. She sat in the waiting room for hours despite the fact that she had the classic signs of a leaking artery. She ended up suffering a massive brain bleed which left her totally disabled . Lynn was able to achieve a multi-million dollar settlement on her behalf which provided her husband with the means to care for her at home.

Other Cases:

Over the course of her more than 30 year career, Lynn has investigated and handled almost every kind of medical malpractice case imaginable. Because of her nursing background, she is able to understand the medical concepts associated with virtually any medical malpractice case. In one very interesting case, Lynn represented a young woman who had a very rare condition which caused the build up of fluid around her optic nerve. Over time, this condition caused her to loose her peripheral vision. She had sought out treatment at two Detroit area emergency rooms, but the doctors failed to timely diagnose and treat the condition. Because of the delay in treatment, the young woman lost so much vision that she was no longer able to drive. Lynn was able to obtain a substantial settlement for her because of the effect her inability to drive would have on her ability to obtain employment and do her activities of daily living.

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